Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12 Update

Doing okay here. The two weeks or so without internet connection were do-able enough - but living through the flu without a TV to entertain the kids was a bit of a new challenge for me. We pulled out all the old VHS tapes from the attic and that sufficed.

My "fitness" goals are simply to be ACTIVE in some way, shape or form every day. Twice this week I've taken a brisk walk (in the not so brisk weather!) - once just around the ball fields across from my house and once for about a mile round trip to my sisters and back. Before I got sick, I popped in a CD of kids' songs twice that week and just silly-danced until I was panting. Sage and Yeva loved it, Bobby was amused and Hannah was horribly embarrassed that I should act in such a dreadful manner. :-)

Money (darn money!) has proven itself elusive yet again this month, and so our diets are pretty much what we can afford. Surprisingly, a side benefit of this is that it's forced me to face all the "extras" that even *I* was denying were extras. So, all the "poor people" food, that is in actuality so nutritious, has become more commonplace around here. Oats, beans, greens... amazing how versatile they are!

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