Friday, January 30, 2009

Thinking about issues

Okay, this is scary to even put on here and admit, but I need to! This came up in an online conversation today and I'm basically just going to cut and paste it here.

I never thought about it before - I TOTALLY do this... catch myself serving small servings to everyone else so that *I* don't go without. And then I feel like this horrible, awful mother/wife. Of course, I always make WAY more than enough, and there is almost always at least one serving left over - but, still, I feel awful. OR, alternately, I've caught myself eating, say, 2 pancakes as I make breakfast, and then get everyone fed and then eat 4 pancakes (I make small ones, LOL) and then trick myself into thinking I only at 4, instead of 6, and then think my DH is "hogging food" when he eats 5!!!

In fact, thinking about it, I do that to Josh a LOT - accuse him of eating too much. He always takes a huge portion - bigger than anyone else. But, he never goes back for seconds (or rarely) and I always do. Sometimes thirds.

Well, thanks for the therapy session, girls.


  1. I do it too, you are not alone. I got to thinking that if I ate what my son ate, I could possibly lose weight. My ds eats a LOT, but I still manage to eat more :o(

  2. Kim,

    Having lost a lot of weight, and now having kept it off awhile, has got me thinking a lot of about HOW I eat, more than simply WHAT I eat. I have similiar issues. Like I prepare a whole meal, all the while picking at bites here and there, only to feel I've already eaten "enough" by the time it's ready to serve. Then I feel kind of mad at myself, and maybe a tiny bit resentful of Darren, as he sits there and enjoys the meal with the kids, and I just have a drink or just start cleaning up the dishes. Obviously, there's always room to tweak our behavior, so the whole "mindfully eating" thing is a really great starting point. I'm trying to work on making eaitng more of a ritual; a time to relax and appreciate what I've made, and to stop picking at stuff (even healthy stuff) in between meals. Always something to work on! So, your "confessions" are far from shocking to me! They only indicate your awareness of yourself and the possibilities for positive change!